The National Academy of Medicine, now called the Institute of Medicine (I.O.M.’s) daily water recommendations, are for women to consume approximately 2.7 liters (90 ounces) per day and men 3.7 liters. (125 ounces) through food and beverages daily.

  • Water speeds up your metabolism – it is a miracle cure for weight loss. Drinking more water helps to kill your appetite by increasing the feeling of fullness while aiding indigestion
  • Improves the longevity of life
  • enhances coordination, energy levels.
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Anti-aging for Skin, hair, and nails increases serotine leading to a happier attitude, improved memory
  • Improves brainpower – Improves cognitive function, mental attitude, increased energy levels, leading to more productivity and less procrastination

Since water makes up 73 percent of the brain, even Mild Dehydration causes blood vessels to narrow and your brain to physically shrink, contracting slightly from your skull, immediately decreasing cognitive performance. A mild deficit can cause a loss of 30 percent of brain function, causing the inability to think clearly, concentrate and focus.

The 2016 study published in the European Journal of Nutrition stated that Proper Hydration could decrease the risk of coronary heart disease by as much as 59 percent in women and 46 percent in men.

Proper Hydration treats and prevents urinary tract infections, kidney stones, constipation, and much more.

Water makes up 60 percent of the human body, which means the physical side effects of Dehydration are more severe and responsible for a plethora of other health problems that you may have never considered.

If you are wondering what brought on your headache? It is likely to be Dehydration! Dehydration can increase the severity of any pain. Headaches often range from mild headaches to full-blown migraines.

Dehydration can cause various dental issues such as gingivitis, bad breath, gum issues, and cavities.

Dehydration ages skin and increases the signs of premature wrinkling, aging, and enlarged pores.

Dehydration is as detrimental to your heart as smoking, pollution, eating poorly, and obesity.

Dehydration decreases blood volume while constricting the diameter of arteries and veins. Both can cause the heart to work on overdrive to pump blood throughout the entire body—in turn, raising blood pressure and heart rate, which increases the risk of palpitations, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, and strokes.

Weight Loss Water speeds up the metabolism temporality by as much as 30 percent. Drinking icy water increases the body’s metabolic rate even more; thanks to thermodynamics, the body must work harder to warm the water to body temperature. Through my own experience and working with hundreds of clients, I know that anyone who followed this recommendation agreed that water is the miracle cure for weight loss! Drink eight ounces of icy water every hour for a week and see the results.

There is no substitute for water! Sugary juices and fattening fancy smoothies, soft drinks will not only put weight on you but will not hydrate your system like plain old-fashioned water.  Coffee, tea, or alcohol that dehydrate you count against your daily beverage consumption, putting most Americans unknowingly negatively, not positively. Studies suggest that for every cup of caffeine or alcohol you drink, you must consume 1 – 2 (depending on whom you ask) additional glasses of water on top of your daily water goal.

Myth – drinking more water will have you in the bathroom all day. Yes, at first, while your body adjusts, you may take a few extra trips to the bathroom, but things will level out within a few weeks and become unnoticeable. I make every effort to only sip water within the final 2-3 hours before bed, which keeps me from waking.

I find this interesting.

Ever notice you do not feel one feel without the other?

Why? Because the same area of your brain that controls Depression also controls pain, just like the same area of your brain that controls hunger also controls thirst.

Therefore, if Dehydration makes you feel depressed, you may notice that other parts of your body feel more than moderate pain. Therefore, if you are in pain, you may question why you feel depressed when you may be happy as a lark, sitting around watching tv, eating mint chocolate chip bonbons.

Whatever your motivation, better health, dental, breath, Skin, or weight loss improvement. This little to no cost, straightforward wellness tweak can change everything, improving your mental and physical health for the better and quickly!

How did I make it happen most days for me?

Upon waking, I knew this to be the most crucial time of day to rehydrate, so I began to down (not sip) my first one to two 8-ounce glasses of water.

One possibility is to apply a filter to your sink. I choose to fill empty water bottles in advance and leave a glass by each of my sinks as a reminder. Next, I keep a food and water journal on my kitchen counter, near my sink, reminding me to drink/down, not sip another glass of water, right there and then!

I found a set time of day in which I finished drinking them.

Six of my twelve glasses – one before each meal, three times per day. One glass during the meal and one glass between each of the meals. I down lukewarm water, not because its taste’s good, but because I know that sipping icy water is more difficult to down all at once. You may find that adding lemon juice or fruit to your water makes it more palatable, but I feel that keeping it simple guarantees I will be consistent year-round, but that is just me.

Two upon waking = 1- 2

One between each meal = 3

One before each meal = 3

One during each meal = 3

I shoot for eleven, but somehow, I end up drinking ten, giving me eighty ounces plus whatever (little) water is in the food I consume.

I have always given my clients a list of reasons why they should drink more water which pertained to weight loss, until a few years ago, when I first saw and heard of Jennifer Ashton, the chief correspondent for the Good Morning America Show. Jennifer shared with Robin Roberts and their viewers (me) that drinking eight ounces of water per day was not enough.

Jennifer Ashton’s presence on the Good Morning America show impressed and inspired me so much that I purchased a copy of her self-care solution book and began repeating this information after confirming and comparing multiple studies.  I now care just as much about improving health I had in the past for weight loss/aesthetics. Regardless of your age, I hope it will do the same for you.

My mission is to motivate anyone who took the time to read this not to try but do. This straightforward wellness tweak becoming hydrated will change your life forever.

Who is Jennifer Ashton

Jennifer Ashton is an author, mother, M.D., Nutritionist, and chief medical correspondent for the Morning America show. I respect and admire how she never stops updating her wealth of knowledge. She is a woman I aspire to be more like; Jennifer Ashton leads by example.