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Start Your Personal Fitness Training Without ever having to leave your own home, LIVE Via Web Cam with Coralie Palmer.

Get in the Shape of your Life! Tone your Body, Lose Weight, Stay Fit, Stay Motivated with the Accountability one often needs to follow through with an exercise program.


How It Works

We exercise together online Live via Webcam using Face time or a link I email to you requiring no downloads for you, just a double click and we are face to face. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection. I provide all the benefits of a live personal trainer without the expensive price! While most personal trainers, (including myself) charge at least $75/Hr. for one training session, I’m charging $1.00 per minute.

I help you work out in the comfort and convenience of your own home, at your own pace, with a workout that is tailor made just for you, by me. I’m recommending 30 minute one-on-one, online training sessions.

How do I help you get the results you desire in only 30 minutes?

I help you cut to the chase by not only training hard, but smart! With over 30+ years of combined fitness experience, I can help any client get their desired results, even if training in a bathroom, with no more than a towel. Of course, as a virtual personal trainer, I cannot touch you to correct your form. However, I found that if I’m vocal enough (not too tough for me) and can give good direction, then perfecting your form is not any more difficult virtually, than it is in real life. With personal training this convenient and affordable, it allows my clients to exercise with me more frequently, even on the go! Cardio will be on your own time.


We offer the highest grade of teleconferencing software where you are not required to download any apps. It’s as simple as double-clicking on this camera at our pre-determined appointment time to meet with me live.

Results are guaranteed when I shorten the learning curve between trial and error!

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“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity & integrity.
Douglas Adams