About The Owner and Lead Trainer

Coralie’s Private One-on-One and Group Personal Training instruction, individualized programs and many years as a body builder and fitness competitor set her programs apart from the average gym and fitness trainer.

Coralie will begin by determining your body type so that she can work with you to customize a plan that will speed up your progress. Her number one goal is to guide and motivate you to reach your full fitness potential, reduce risk factors, change unwanted habits, manage stress, and meet life’s milestones with optimism and vitality.

No More Obstacles

A 30 Minute Workout Is Only 2% of Your Day!


A 30 Minute Workout Is Only 2% of Your Day!

Meet Coralie

Hi, please let me take a moment to introduce myself. I am Coralie Palmer; I am a certified personal trainer and nutritional coach with over 30 years of combined fitness experience.

After turning pro in 1996, simply put; I was burnt out of competing and decided to take my training business more seriously.

I immediately found a sincere feeling of contentment, pride, and excitement as a full-time personal trainer dedicating my life to helping others achieve their goals.

While other trainers or fitness centers hand out computer-generated, one size fits all programs, I specialize in one-on-one and group personal training where every client receives a tailor-made training routine, built just for them, by me!

While training with me, you will learn how to use several training techniques which keep the muscles guessing, helping you to avoid training plateaus. To me, proper form is everything along with learning how proper nutrition sustains energy and helps you to lose unwanted fat while developing lean muscle mass. The fact is…ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN!

But, most importantly, I pride myself on my ability to pass along knowledge and time-tested training methods in a way that is easy to understand and remember. Educating my clients on how to stay fit for life, is always my primary goal!

That was then – this is NOW!