Hydration – Dehydration – What happens when you do not drink enough water?

Dehydration- The National Academy of Medicine, now called the Institute of Medicine (I.O.M.’s) daily water recommendations, are for women to consume approximately 2.7 liters (90 ounces) per day and men 3.7 liters. (125 ounces) through food and beverages daily. Jennifer went on to say that – women should consume at least eighty-one ounces and men a minimum of one hundred ounces per day, assuming the remainder is coming in through food.

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Why Should Women Lift Weights?

In my experience, research and opinion By: Coralie Mosby Palmer Many females mistakenly believe weights are for men and will only give them a bulky pair of biceps. New clients have often told me that they do not want to get big muscle or do not want beefy arms. My...

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